“PIECE OF ME” is a project by te’resa, an avatar created for creators.
We launch this project with the belief of a bright future, for every and all kinds of creative activities.Through te’resa’s existence, we challenge ourselves to expand opportunities and accelerate the proliferation of creative expression.
Even as times change and virtual technology continues to evolve, influential creativity will always be rooted in the emotions, feel, and warmth of human connection.  Upon this basis is where we will continue to introduce innovations to the world.

NFT items
"P.O.M*" &
"Don’t slow me down" items
on sale March 18th (23:00 JST)


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With the theme "All barriers can be overcome," a virtual artist will be spreading her voice to the world. Teresa, the girl who exists in the real world, will be next to us through Te'resa, her avatar. On May 29, 2020, she made a debut from KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, a creative label joined by various creators led by KAF and RIM. As the first photorealistic virtual artist in Japan, she enjoys a wide range of genres spanning from dance music and pop music to ballads played on a single piano, expressing her feelings in songs every day. Being an icon that defines the present since 2020, she continues to express herself through music, fashion, and culture. In early 2021, she was featured in NYLON'S NEXT 2021, a project by NYLON JAPAN that focuses on fresh individuals with the potential to become big in the future. In June, she was selected as an ambassador beyond the Intel Core dimension in China and was featured in a TV commercial with Wang Junkai, a popular Chinese idol. In October, she released Predawn, her second EP.

Who is te'resa
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Music videos

THINKR is a creative production company that groups creators into creative teams and develops and advocates them. We are not just an aggregation of creative teams but also a design firm that builds our brands strategically. Composing of movements turning “individuals” into “teams”, we will become a content production and creator management company that bears the function of a transnational design firm. We aim to become a studio of the new era that continues to produce original content from scratch to finish with a new IP creation method.


Khaki is a team of Tokyo based visual artists. We can assemble a team for each project to create the best visuals for your product. CM, MV, animation, projection mapping, visual contents for big screen, we direct and design VFX for multiple media and devices.

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YELLtum is a product that works with local sports clubs to issue a local currency, and returns the fees and revenue from the acquired data to the sports clubs and the community.
It uses blockchain technology to market the tokens and NFTs.
It is already in circulation at several professional clubs and in several regions.

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6332219_preview のコピー.png
6332219_preview のコピー.png